Body Massage Home Services in Bangalore | Best SPA

Regular spa attendant or trying Home service newly, Yes - Our therapist bring necessary things along for the session. Book your non travelling spa services from female to male body massage standard session of 60 mins duration. Affordable and genuine spa services at home in Bengaluru. Full body massage starts from Rs 1500, Deep tissue and Aromatherapy pain relief massage male and female professionals.

Full body massage home service Bangalore

Full body massage home service Bangalore Best spa

Full Body Massage involves a standard 60 mins session of whole body parts massaged like, Using body massage olive oils or skin glow cremes for friction free smooth sessions
Legs & Foot : 10 mins
Lower, Mid and Back Muscle : 15 mins
Shoulder : 10 mins
Hands : 15 mins
Chest : 10 mins
ABS : 10 mins

Complimentary Head massage added for every full body. Body scrub herbal or fruit scrubs can be applied at added cost.

when it is your location, you have not travelled so same will be charged as cab charges for therapist who travels. Best SPA continuously strive to add satisfied guest to its list with happier and cheap priced massages.

Female to male massage home service Bangalore near me

Body massage home service bangalore : Best

When its home or your preferred location, without hesitation or shyness massage services can be enjoyed. Yes its small life so make your happiness with a massage.

Body massage home service Bangalore price

Body massage home service bangalore price

Swedish, aromatherapy price starts from Rs 2500 on weekdays with additional of Rs 500 on weekends. Balinese, Deep tissue, Sports or GYM relaxing massages starts from Rs 3000. We always charge with cab charges to make the billing cheap and affordable.

Body massage home service near me in Bangalore

Yes, Bangalore being urbanized yet of this traffic and driving conditions, Min 3 hours prior appointment is compulsory to enjoy home services. Area like Sarjapur, Electronic city, Nelamangala, Kanakapura so called outskirts 1 day prior appointment is compulsory as therapist has to travel 2 to 3 hours to your place.

Deep Tissue massage home services

Deep tissue massages are best for home service selectors as includes everything. Swedish Luxury massage price is Rs 4000 for 60 mins session. You will love it and be our repeated guest once choose.

Doorstep massage service in Bangalore

Hotel or doorstep massage service with Swedish type is best suited for a 60 mins session. Therapist profile from both South or North region choosing options are open.

How to Book Body massage home service Bangalore

Either take Home service or Visit our nearest spa located over 4 areas in city.

Best SPA : Chatting Window

Connect with us on Watsap, so your requirement taken and assignment done without hassle.

Things to keep in Mind after Booking Home service Massage.

1. Hygienic: Make sure you are clean all time, Therapist will expect your body to be basically neat without smell.

2. Misbehave: You cannot offer Physical intimations or force therapist to do out of box services.

3. Wasting time: Therapist will be lined with appointments for the day, Please be precise on your appointments.

4. Unnecessary chatting: Therapist cannot be your best friend and friends, Yes after service unnecessary chatting leads to legal actions including home visit by our staff for guilt.

5. Text and offering: Once your service is done or before service, Make sure not to text out of topic as it leads to cancelling service with full claim.

6. Offended services: Booking single session and offering extended time with tips. Booking 1 therapist and multiple members expecting service.

7. Recording: Audio or Video recording of therapy or treatment is prohibited and leads to criminal actions.

8. Rude Behavior: As a human, after your service - rude behavior not accepted. Be kind all time and expect the same from us too.

Doorstep service price list including transportation

Full body massage - Swedish oil therapy
Price Rs 2500 - Rs 3000 | Duration 60mins

Swedish Luxury | Rs 5000 - Rs 8000 | Duration 60mins

Signature massage | Rs 15000 | Duration 120mins

Night service charges varies based on availability.

Rules below.

Transportation charges are included in above price chart.
South or North Indian therapist choosing options are open.
2 or 3 hours prior appointment is compulsory.
We do not ask any advance money for booking.
Payment once therapist reaches Ur location is compulsory.

Profile selection limited based on availability.

Body massage services in Home or Doorstep | Best SPA

We offer professional body massage services from therapist across spa and beautician industry. Our services include dry or Thai massages. Popular Swedish massages. Once we receive your query and confirming doorstep body massage services, We will assign best therapist based on
1. Nearest Location
2. Availability
3. Service and Time flexibility
Our Professional massage therapists are aged between 25 to 35 years with Swedish and Thai types.
*Make sure after your service to provide feedback good or bad, So that we keep our staffs in well manners*

Body massage hotel service in Bangalore | Doorstep

full body massage home service in bangalore

If you have travelled to Bangalore and looking for relaxing on Home massage services, Our therapist will deliver with happiness. Flexible of choosing Full body hand massage, Deep tissue, Signature massage services. Booking 2 hours prior will fetch us giving best services in your stayed Hotel.

Profile selection for Body massage Home Services

We receive enquiries stating profile selection, We would recommend to take services from assigned therapist rather than selecting by looking at Photos or repeat mode accepted if you are regular Best spa customer. Also for body massage services do not go too much on looks as it will be camera filters or Photoshop. We know every therapist working. Kindly stay with our selection to experience best sessions.

Note: Whoever is searching for most beautiful, young college goer therapist of Bangalore.

Sorry please stop communication and proceed with others.

Therapist are not models or heroine of film industry to maintain idle body fat, skin tone an all.

Best SPA suggest don't go too much on choices and looks, either it will be camera filters or makeup only.

Types of Massages:

Female to Male | Male to Female | Female to Female | M2M | Deep tissue | home or doorstep | couple massage packages

Signature home massage services:

Happy sensual massage to relax your body needs with exceptional spa services. People tried signature has satisfied results on skin and mood. Prepare with shower to make the body comfort for signature massages. It is a complete 120mins sessions with full mood swings.

Price for signature massage starts from Rs 10,000 for 2 hours sessions. In less session desired satisfaction cannot be achieved. So trying massage with male or female therapist is a good mood filling passion. Female professionals charge from Rs 8000 to Rs 15000 per session for signature massage. Our staffs are trained with sensual massages for full body making you a delightful experience.

VIP home service Massage in Bangalore

Body Massage Home Service Bangalore : Best SPA

We understand clearly massage for every individual is different, We tailor full body Swedish massage combine with all happy satisfied services. Book your VIP massage from our professional therapist for your hotel stay in Bengaluru. Slow and relaxing massages with mind and muscle relaxation is our main agenda.

Visit our Best SPA centre:

Either of 4 Branches in City (details on Watsap)

Swedish Luxury massages in Doorstep | Best Spa

Deep Tissue massage is type and ancient technique involving various massage strokes and slides. Our Best spa signature of 60 mins full body Swedish Luxury starts from Rs 5000 for Doorstep, If you are looking for best full Deep tissue pain relief massage in Doorstep Bangalore. Female therapist handpick choose and trained from various places of India and overseas to make Swedish Luxury massages satisfied.

Choose your Massage from below in our Reputed Best SPA

Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Deep tissue, Thai Massage, Potli or Hot Stone Massage, Price starts from Rs 2000 for professional SPA services in Home-service-Bangalore Bangalore.

Popular sale of body massage in home Bangalore

Our Popular guest choice of F2M 60 mins full massage is made available all times so you never miss the enjoyment of body massage in Bangalore.

Advantage of Home delivery Massage Services :

Best professional assigned based on need and location.
When its your Place, Freedom of Privacy.
Travel time and money saved.
We will clear all left overs after services.
Complimentary body scrub, therapy upgrading options.
Professionals from physiotherapy or beautician industry will serve.

Essential oils or Aromatherapy for home massage in Bangalore

Its an advanced way of Swedish massage, involving both hands rubbing against thighs, necks, back and entire body with varying pressures to relax and sooth muscles.

Swedish type home massage service Bangalore

Therapist uses their hands in revolving motions slowly in guest back, neck, head, lower back portion after lubrication. Soothing and non pressure charming massage.

Deep tissue home body massage in Bangalore

Generally deep tissue massage is with higher pressure so the 2nd muscle layer gets the working, Blood or air clots are cleared in this techniques

Thai Massage full body in Bangalore:

Some of our experienced massage therapist, will use the muscle stretching and relieving process to get better blood flow to every muscle. This massage involves with straining of joints in perfect manner.

User directly enters to the Disclaimer terms at the end page. - We do not provide Escort services.

FAQ: Body massage home services in Bangalore | Best SPA

Female to male Body-massage home service in Bangalore?

Best SPA has home service too, Book prior with our professional therapist to enjoy Body massage benefits without travelling at almost same price. Visit our nearest spa. Our Therapist carry essentials to make your spa day even more happy. Price starts from Rs 3000 for 60 mins full fledged slow riverbed massages.

Can I choose Male or Female therapist for my Home Services?

YES ! Best spa is empowered with over 20 male and Female free-lancers to serve body massage purpose in Bangalore. Cross or Straight gender massage preference can be chosen.

How do I choose body massage home services Bangalore?

Call or chat by Watsap on given numbers, Book your prior appointment. Also you should be patience enough to wait for therapist arrival based on distance and availability.

Is it safe to Book body massage home service Bangalore?

Definitely, SPA is a genuine service in Bangalore. Our therapist will be background verified and working in our Chain of SPA. So Its safe to get a Body massage at home. But Guest are requested to keep valuables away to avoid further mess.

How prior should I Book body massage home service?

4 hours prior booking is compulsory. 24 hours prior bookings makes us serve the best therapist and services.

How to locate body massage home service near me in Bangalore?

Your search already ended, Why keep reading when you can ping your enquiry on Watsap for Home services Body Massage

Can I Get full body massage home service Bangalore under Rs 2000?

Yes, you can but cab charges are to be paid separate.

Will Best SPA share Therapist profiles prior to arrival of therapist?

Yes, For safety factor we collect guest data and therapist profiles. Will be shared prior to arrivals or service starts.
What will be the age and Profile of Massagers for Home services?

Within range of 25 to 35 years. Well balanced beauticians male and Females will serve the purpose. All therapist are Beautician academic course completed employers.

What is price of Full body massage in Bangalore for Home Services?

Body massage home service starts from Rs 1500 for partial and 2000 for full body massage with 1 hour massaging duration for members in Bangalore

What essentials needed for female to male body massage at home?

Massaging oils like Olive oils, Pain relieving oils, Head massage oil, Eucalyptus oils, Neem Oil, Tissues, Gloves and Towel are essentials for Home service massage providing.

What is idle duration for Full body massage in home Bangalore?

If its Home service, Idle duration would be 60 to 90 mins depend on massage package and therapist availability.

Is it fine to book Female to male body massage in home Bangalore?

Surely, Its guest choice to choose male or Female massage therapist for Home services.

Can I get discounts on Body massage in home Bangalore price or tariff card?

We give discounts based on therapist availability and Job demand for particular day. You can keep flexible time to enjoy discounts.

Should I pay for travelling of therapist if looking Body massage in home Bangalore near me?

Yes therapist will use commercial taxi to come to your place. We will add in bill, If its too far like outskirts an all then surely travelling expenses up to Rs 1000 is additional

How early should we book to experience Best body massage in home Bangalore?

Its better to make a mind-set 1 day prior to service, as we will assign best therapist profiles. We have served last minute also based on availability.

What will be price for Deep tissue pain relief massage at home service?

Price start from 4000 for Swedish Luxury, Goes up to Rs 10,000 based on duration, Profile chosen, therapist age, past experience, timings. Calculated on so many factors.

Can I choose my therapist?

Generally for Home services, Either 1 or Max 2 options we give based on Therapist flexibility, travelling distance

What is the price for female to male body massage at home including transportation?

A: One session can be achieved for Rs 2500 including transportation. Rs 1000 will be added in case your home location at outer boundaries like Electronic city or Kanakapura road..

How prior should I book female to male massage home service?

A: Based on traffic and travelling time, Minimum 2 hours prior appointment. Booking up 1 day prior will provide us opportunity to provide best massage services.

What is the lowest price for Body massage home service Bangalore?

A: If a therapist is attended already an appointment, Then we will offer Flat 1000 off on 5kms radius for next bookings. Try your luck on offers and discounts at flash last minute deals.

How frequently should you get body massage home service Bangalore?

A: 3 or 4 times a month is the better way to achieve good lifestyle by spa treatments, Mood swings and Mind relaxation.

What safety features comes when booking body massage in home Bangalore?

Therapist travel expenses should be borne by guest, 8pm all our services stops due to safety procurements.

What is price of home service massage bangalore or Doorstep?

Price starts from Rs 2500 based on type of therapist chosen.

Does therapist carry essentials when booked body massage at home Bangalore?

All Body massage essentials like oils, tissues, covers are carried by our masseur for Home or Doorstep delivery.

Criteria for home service body massage in Bangalore?

Bearing regular service charge with travelling allowance fetches us to provide Home services of saloon and SPA | Don't miss on appointment part. Book Ladies beauty parlour services at Home in Bangalore at affordable and luxury way with premium beauty products and professional therapist at doorstep the next day saloon for females.

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