Female Massage therapist jobs Bangalore with accommodation 2024

Work as Female massage therapist in Bengaluru with Best SPA, Earn handsome income, Fresher or experienced apply for female massage jobs

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Work either full time or Freelancer body massage jobs. Apply now by chatting on Watsap.

Job Description :

Perform full body in professional spa with basic and advanced techniques.
Good communication skills
Qualification and Experience based on previous works.
Customer handling skills in massage centres.
Massage depth knowledge like Swedish and deep tissue preferred.

Massage therapist job with accommodation in Bangalore

We provide spa jobs with accommodation, so people from outside Bangalore can enjoy the massaging jobs with Best SPA. Fixed or commission based full time jobs with incentives claiming. Work for just 20 days per month to earn up to 40K monthly. Standard accommodation and training provided with professionals in industry.

female massage therapist jobs in bangalore

Body massage jobs Full time

Accommodation and stay taken care for full time job seekers in Bangalore. Jobs with higher earning potential up to 60,000 PM

Body massage jobs in Bangalore | Part time

job vacancy for massage job in Bangalore

Its great Idea to be a freelancer of full body massage, Training freely provided with service kit for fresher. In spite of regular work, work at your free time to get extra cash for your lifestyle. Best spa offers part time Massaging jobs with earning potential up to 30,000 PM

Are you Looking for Female massage Part time jobs in Bangalore

Women in Bangalore - female massage jobs. While this profession has gained popularity over the years, there are several challenges that female massage therapists face on a daily basis. Through this platform, we aim to shed light on these issues and explore ways to create a safer work environment for them.

full time body massage jobs in Bangalore

Freelance female massage therapist in Bangalore

Are you Female, Looking for Massage jobs in Bengaluru
Chat on Watsap or call 8618564502, for Female massage therapist jobs

Best SPA : Chatting Window
Make sure to have basic qualification for communication with client
Body Massage Oils and essentials will be provided.
Be ready for doorstep services with your travel desires.
Payment will be as per orders and No monthly salary commitments for freelancing.
Working in Shift as per your convenience.
Skills with Beauty products, Wellness preferred

Deep Tissue massage jobs in Bangalore

spa jobs in Bangalore with accomodation

Our doors of opportunity are open for free-lancer, in spite of regular work with basic training on body massage online or 20 days beautician course females from 25 to 45 years can work as Swedish Luxury masseurs in Bengaluru. Call us for job enquiry for detailed process on current job offers and job description.

FAQ : Female Massage therapist Jobs Bangalore

How to Find body massage jobs in Bangalore?

SPA or Body massage jobs in Bangalore are always in high demand with in and out flow job type in beautician industry. Every spa list its current vacancy including our Best SPA online home service. For current vacancy simply Watsap your enquiry for JOBS or calling is fine.

Is training provided for massage jobs in Bangalore?

We completely understand of being an independent earning tempo of a female masseur, we do provide short term training based on individual interest with job oriented pay.

What is working time for massage jobs in Bangalore for fresher?

Being freelancer timing maintaining becomes primary for guest services. SPA operations from 10am to 8pm daily with flexible timings for Doorstep body massage will be preferred for job seekers.

How to select body massage job vacancy in Bangalore?

Every profile job seeking pattern differs, So professionals are paid high based on demand like day or night, Distance from therapist location. We do provide with accommodation for working in our spa with body massage training kit and certificates.

What is Income of female body massage job in Bangalore near me?

This is a bomber, You can earn up to 10k to 1 lakh, Depends on your work caliber, Working as per guests timings and doorstep services.

Freelance Professional body massage job hire in Bangalore?

Working apart from your regular work is freelancer job for body massage, You will be updated on works based on guest needs. Suitable jobs can be made into action where therapist will be paid based on individual daily works. With best spa exploring opportunity as freelancer is possible.

Do you provide accommodation for female massage therapist jobs in Bangalore?

Outsiders of Bangalore can also explore job opportunities as we provide transportation and Accommodation for body massage job performances. Yes fixed monthly income with floating incentives for demanded time of work.

Can I explore part time massage jobs in Bangalore for secondary Income?

Yes part time job seekers are welcome with collaborating with Best SPA for masseur jobs.

What does massage therapist do in Bengaluru?

Trained and professional massage therapist will know every nerve and muscle. Pressure application to each body part with lubrication oils or Creme

How to find massage therapist jobs in Bangalore?

Almost all job portals application, Visit the SPA website or personally to know any job opportunity Best SPA also hires massage therapists.

What is the salary of female massage therapist in Bangalore?

In Bangalore up to Rs 15k fixed salary with 20k weekly incentives expected based on service. Female therapist earns up to 60k based on experience and work duration.

Does best SPA hire female massage therapist?

80% of Massage therapist are females, as Body Massage preference course. Every SPA will provide with opportunity of work or JOB.

Can I work as freelancer in spite of my regular carrier in SPA?

YES, Some passionate Body masseurs also prove working full time is not KEY. Freelancing jobs opportunity are many across best spa in Bengaluru

What is full time body massage therapist salary in Bangalore?

Every location based spa in India offers different salary package based on beauty industry. Your Skills and institute of course completion matters in most cases.

How long does it take to be a masseur in Bangalore?

After Schooling, Spa and treatment course varies from 3 months to 1 year in reputed saloon and spa industry. Fee up to 5 lakhs are professional charged with client for practice sessions. Also nowadays many online SPA treatment courses are available, Get it done parallel work with spa for lower salary to get actual benefits.

Do you Hire Male for Massaging jobs?

No, We do not hire as need is full. You can work as freelancer where we provide clients for Home services.

What is salary of Massaging female in Bangalore?

Full time or Freelancer, Salary up to 40,000 PM depend on how many clients you handle with past experience too

Can I work as freelancer in Best SPA in spite of my regular job?

In spite of regular work, we train fresher. for SPA massaging jobs in Bangalore. YES work as freelancer

What is the minimum Qualification for SPA massage Jobs?

Unless good communication, Higher Schooling or Graduate in physiotherapy preferred for Massage therapist JOBS

I am therapist working in spa, Can I be freelancer in Best SPA?

Yes, We provide opportunity with good profile clients, Massaging jobs in guest preferred locations, work and travel to enjoy the facilities across Best SPA in Bangalore
How to Explore Female massage therapist jobs in Bangalore?

Visit our SPA with your resume of previous works and experience, We will hire if current vacant jobs as therapist

Does Female to male massage therapist jobs in Bangalore have Demand?

Over the years, Body massage professionals are paid good, Its demanding job.

How safe is female massage therapist jobs?

Job security has issues as its PVT, As a professional you can make milestones.

Qualifications for massage therapist jobs in Bangalore?

Educational after schooling with diploma in beautician with Min work experience is needed to qualify.

What should be age criteria for female massage therapist in Bangalore?

Unless you are professional, You can get job even at 40 also, Yes younger people should choose therapist as carrier.

Freelance female massage therapist in Bangalore?

Being a freelance in any field will have your work during peak season and handsome earnings for your livings, Yes Freelance therapist are very wise job to choose.

Finding SPA based massage therapy jobs Bangalore?

Best spa hire on regular occasion for expansion of branches or current branch hire, Do call our nos for details 8618564502

What is the process of hiring massage therapist?

Basic interview questions added with test is process way to Hire therapist in Bengaluru

Freelance massage therapist monthly package in Bangalore?

Being freelancer, working in SPA or customer location. Payment will be as per customer basis from Best SPA.

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