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Are you bored or running lack of time for spa visits, Best spa offers female to male body massages at same cost of spa with extended time and In-call female massage therapist. Fully professional with certified beautician to get Swedish oil and dry massage with complete happy spa time.


Benefits of choosing Female to Male Body Massage Home services | TARIFF

Full body massage starts from Rs 1500, Deep tissue and Aromatherapy pain relief massage male and female professionals.

1. Time Saver: We understand clients nowadays are busy to travel to spa center, Let us travel for you to save your time.

2. Private: Visiting public environment spa is bit scary, so your home sessions and places are private, Lets respect your privacy.

3. Personnel massage: We understand 50 years male needs and a 25 years man needs, tailored massage and person el sessions for everyone is our motto

4. Energy Saving : When its your home, you have not travelled to spa means less chances of spending your valuable energy.

Doorstep Body Massage in Bangalore | Female to Male therapist

Get your doorstep body massage starting from Toe to Head with specialised body oils and Massaging Cremes with our Female massage professionals. Its relaxing, rejuvenating full body massages in Bengaluru start from 2500 including cab charges.

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Why choose Best spa for Home services

Female-to-male body massage home service provider in Bangalore, it's essential to consider the following from us

1. Reputed in SPA: Experienced professionals with a track of delivering quality time. Best female staffs in City

2. Professional masseuses: Certified and trained in various massage sessions. This ensures that you receive a safe and effective massage experience.

3. Hygiene and Safe: We adhere to strict cleanliness and good skin friendly body massage olive oils.

4. Happy guest : A happy client is a free business developer we believe - Happy guest session always

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Book and Conclude

Congrats on your booking with home services for female to male home services, Make sure to follow basic guidelines on home service like hygienic, address guidance to therapist is smooth. Book atleast 4 hours prior to receive genuine and best home service massage sessions in bangalore.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about F2M Body Massage Home Services

1. What are body massage home services?

Body massage home services involve professional massage therapists visiting your home to provide massage therapy sessions. Instead of going to a spa or massage parlor, you can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

2. What types of massages are offered through home services?

Home massage services typically offer a variety of massage techniques to suit different preferences and needs. Common types of massages include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, sports massage and reflexology.

3. How do I book a body massage home service?

Booking a body massage home service is usually straightforward. Simply select your preferred date, time and type of massage, the therapist will come to your home at the scheduled time.

4. Are the therapists qualified and certified?

Yes, best spa body massage home service providers ensure that our therapists are qualified, certified and trained in various massage techniques. Before booking a session, you can inquire about the qualifications and credentials of the therapists to ensure a safe and professional experience. (Profile selection is limited to availability)

5. What should I expect during a home massage session?

During a home massage session, the therapist will arrive at your home with all the necessary equipment, including a disposable massage sheet or mat, oils or lotions, and soothing music if desired. You'll have the opportunity to discuss your preferences and any areas of focus or concern with the therapist before the session begins. Once the massage starts, you can relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the massage in the comfort of your own space.

6. How should I prepare for a home massage session?

To prepare for a home massage session, create a quiet and comfortable space in your home where the massage can take place. Clear clutter and ensure there's enough room for the massage session. You may also want to have a clean towel handy for covering yourself during the massage.

7. What are the benefits of receiving a massage at home?

Receiving a massage at home offers several benefits, including convenience, comfort, and privacy. You can avoid the hassle of traveling to a spa or massage parlor and enjoy the relaxation of a professional massage in familiar surroundings. Additionally, home massage services allow you to customize the ambiance and experience to your preferences, enhancing the overall relaxation and enjoyment of the session.

Look into detailed home service guidelines

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Q: What is the timings ?

A: Doorstep 10am to 8pm all days | Home visit for Night service subject to availability

Q: What is the Idle duration and type of service?

A: Swedish massage with 60 mins duration is best, Guest can choose duration and type as per convenience and budget.

Q: Can I get Female to Male Body Massage or Vice Versa?

A: Yes, Cross gender massages are accepted.

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