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Are you Looking for Body Massage spa services or any Beauty service like Hair spa, Skin spa? Wright place Visit our Best Spa or opt for home services. Book your appointment through watsap for satisfied and relaxing Massage services across Bangalore.

Inaugral and Drop season offer
Rs 1000 plus 500 for Massage oils and tranportation
Rs 1500 all inclusive for 60 mins.

Grab this offer before it vanishes - Offering to add clients to our service to female clients in Bangalore region (Home service only)


Tired of stress, Depression, daily works, mind tension! Yes Body massage has the key to solve it. We make sure of the satisfied hour service for Body massage at your Doorstep at very economical pricing.

How to Book Male to female body massage in Bangalore | Home

Either visit our chain of Best SPA or book a home visit for Body Massage by chatting on our given watsap numbers. Prior to your appointment background check with spa treatments knowledge is deeply tested of the therapist. Women in Bangalore can also choose Male or Female Massager for SPA hour at said place for a beautiful soothing spa ambience services in Bengaluru.

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Book Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore

Full Body massage by Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore, where relaxation and rejuvenation await you. Our service offers a range of benefits from reducing stress and anxiety to improving blood circulation and promoting overall well-being.

male to female body massage in bangalore
Our experienced therapists use a variety of techniques to provide a personalized massage experience tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking for deep tissue or a more gentle touch, Our Goal is to get you the safe and best massage time hour.

Assured for Male to female Body Massage Bangalore:

100% Privacy on services.
Registered SPA Massage Center staffs
Staff trained from reputed beautician industry
Steam Bath/Shower/Jacuzzi - for spa visit
Welcome Drink or Chocolates
Flexible service providing staff
Cleanliness in every move.
Good Ambience for body massage.
Cool and relaxing Music
Quality Body Massage Time Spent

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Why should you choose Male-to-Female Body Massage? TARIFF

Male-to-Female-Body-Massage in Bangalore is gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits. This type of massage is known for providing stress relief, relaxation, and improved blood circulation. As our lives become increasingly stressful, more and more people are turning to Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore as a way to unwind and relax. Scientific benefits are numerous gentle or hard touch of therapist will make you feel best.

male to female full body massage in bangalore
In addition to its physical benefits, Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore also has mental and emotional benefits. It can help reduce anxiety and depression. Improve sleep quality by promoting overall well-being. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Types of Body Massages offered for Male to female spa service


Aromatherapy :
Using of Essential herb based massage oils for body massage, Essence of oils include lavenders, tree, bark, plant and root extract of herbal oils. Aromatherapy is famous type body massage one should start for beginners for better sleep, Improved skin health, Fights anxiety and depression in best possible way. Safest and beginner skin healing massage to remove dead skin cells.

Swedish Massage :
Body massage oils or creme used for friction and sliding massages across body parts, Improved blood circulation, Healthy heart rates, Mood enhancer, relieves daily work tension by improving wellness and lifestyle. Imporves body posture and flexibilty through muscle strenghtening, reduced soreness. Give a try if you want to unwind or relieve pains in joints and body parts.
Couple massage :
Massage from 1 pair of couples to single person or couple guest massage seekers. Couple massage also refers to four hand massage or twin massage.
Deep tissue :
More of Intense massage using hands, bone joints, legs to massage deeper layer of body parts. Body pain during and after massage will be there as its intense form of massage using hands or body parts.

Thai Massage :
Oldest of all massages, You can wear partial or full clothing based on massage part like shoulder, joints, limbs, arms. No usage or oils. These are dry massages for relaxation, improved heart conditions, Joints and mobility enhancer massages. Guest lies in Floor or mat to get best of massage benefits while masseur moves for service.

Potli or Hot Stone Massage :
Making a potli with herbs and Heated Stones for balancing of muscles and body for massaging and relaxation. Mainly for Back or chest aches this type is famous.

Male to female Body Massage near Bangalore

Best SPA offers Female body massages in our SPA Bangalore centre, Also guest can choose Home services for body massage in city area of Bengaluru region.
Our Tariff starts from as low as Rs 1500 for 45 mins of full body massage. Higher duration male-to-female spa services available at discounted price for 90 and 120 mins duration. Services offered throughout Bangalore with prior appointments. Best body massage including aromatherapy for male to female near every area of Bangalore.

male-to-female-body-massage-banglaore : reliable beatuy spa

Male to Female body Massage in Bangalore | Home Delivery : Price

Choose from above body massage forms, like aromatherapy or swedish

Rs 1500 for 45 mins | Rs 2000 for 60 mins | Rs 3000 for 120mins full body massage.
Body scrub application at additional cost.

Make sure to book 1 day prior appointment upon.
1. Tariff and payment confirmation
2. Things to carry and available at home for massage, Utilities
3. Duration of massage hire.
4. Choosing male or female therapist.

Expectation during a Male to Female Body Massage session? Locations | TARIFF

A typical Male to Female Body Massage session involves the use of various massage techniques that are designed to help relieve stress, promote relaxation and improve blood circulation with hard or soft pressurised sessions. The therapist will begin by applying gentle pressure to your muscles, using long strokes to help ease tension and loosen tightness. They may also use kneading and circular movements to help break up knots and adhesions in your muscles.

male to female body massage bangalore home services
Other common techniques used during a Male to Female Body Massage session include tapping, vibration and friction. These techniques can help stimulate the nerves and increase blood flow to the affected areas, helping to reduce pain and inflammation. Therapist also use suitable essence oils or creme to help relax your muscles and enhance the overall experience.

Benefits of Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore Locations | TARIFF

Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore offers a range of benefits for both the body and mind. One of the primary benefits is stress relief. The massage techniques used during a session help to release tension from the muscles, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. Improved blood circulation is another benefit of Male to Female Body Massage. The massage helps to increase blood flow throughout the body, which can improve overall health and well-being.
In addition to stress relief and improved blood circulation, Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore also promotes relaxation. The gentle, soothing strokes of the massage help to calm the mind and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This can lead to an overall feeling of well-being and improved mental health.

female body massage in bangalore

Different types of Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore Locations | TARIFF

There are various types of Male to Female Body Massage available in Bangalore, each with its own unique benefits.
Swedish Massage is a gentle form of massage that uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping to help relax and energize you. It can also help relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

best male to female body massage bangalore
Deep Tissue Massage is a more intense form of massage that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. This type of massage can be beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain or have limited mobility. It can help break up scar tissue, release muscle tension and improve range of motion.

Book Appointment for Male to Female Body Massage service in Bangalore?

Chat on Watsap for availability of male therapist based on age, Beauty service experience, Safety, Service Charge, Precautions before finalising appointment with male therapist. 24 hours prior appointment is suggested so you are served with best masseur.

male to female spa service in bengaluru

Customer speak for Male to Female Body Massage services in Bangalore

One customer, who had been experiencing chronic back pain for years, shared that after just one session of Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore, she felt immediate relief. She continued to receive regular massages and noticed a significant improvement in her overall well-being. Another customer shared that the massage helped her reduce stress and anxiety, allowing her to feel more relaxed and focused throughout the day.

male-to-female-home doorstep-massage-female
The positive reviews and testimonials from customers demonstrate the effectiveness of Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore. It is clear that this service can have a profound impact on one's physical and mental health, providing relief from pain, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation.

Book now to Experience the benefits of Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore today

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In conclusion, Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore is a service that offers numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. Through the use of various massage techniques, this service can help relieve stress, improve blood circulation, and promote relaxation.
If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of Male to Female Body Massage in Bangalore, we encourage you to book a session today. Best spa male therapist are professional body masseur from reputed beautician academies across India.

Body massage in Bangalore | Types

Female to Male body massage | Male to Female Body Massage | Female to Female body Massage | Male to Male Body Massage | Locate SPA with appointment | spa home or doorstep services in Bangalore | Call or Watsap on 9606922242

Male to female Beautician services:

Periods care : At Home or SPA visit will help to reduce the periods pain by routine massage to legs, back and stomach area.
Body polishing : Using of cosmetics to enchance and glow body skin parts.
Skin nourishments : Beauty tips with nutrition guidance for wellness
Partial Arms, Legs, Shoulder, Back, Chest, Felexibility movements.
Fat loss diet plans and Skin enhancement : Advise based on body conditions and age
Full body massage for females : Head to toe, home or spa visit full body massages
Full body with electric massager : Higher intensity body massage programs
Hair care, Eye brows : Spa is for hair care and styling too.
Facials : with beginning and advanced tailor made facepacks for deep cleaning and face glow
Waxing in SPA has benefits with minimal pain techniques
Pedicure and Manicure treatments with advanced cosmentic and beauticians performing SPA jobs.

male-to-female massage-services-bangalore

Why Choose Male to female massage therapist in Bangalore - Home services

> Option to choose spa visit of home delivery.
> Professionally trained therapist to deliver best spa services at convininent time
> Safety, Security and privacy maintained for guest.
> Enjoyment of SPA service in Home atmoshpere.
> Flexible arrival and timings | Duration of services
> Hair, Skin and nutrition values added services
> Cancellation or reschedule can be done


Safety factors while considering Male to Female SPA service
> Therapist profile will be shared priorly for safety
> Therapist background check for home service provider
> Health and knowledge check done for reliability.

Benefits of Body-massage Male-to-female-in Bangalore.


If not now, must add a full body massage in your monthly calender routine to enjoy benefits of it. Bangalore is city of tension and money making city counting every minute. Apart from GYM, Beauty maintainance having a full body massage has numerous benefits like

Controlls Depression - Some one in your mind is disturbing from moving on, Body massage will surely help to move on with emotional attachments.

Aids pain in Body parts - Decade past pain also cured in body masssages, Experience the no pain or very less pain in body parts.

Controlled Anxiety mood level - Your anxiety and decision making ability will stay very high after massage therapy.

Increased Blood flow - Every nerve massaged to increase and fasten blood flow, Lymphs and toxins removed during body massage.

Better Phycial life - Activeness will increase by 30 % making more productive in works.

Increased Immune system - You will have better Immune system if you are regular SPA user.

Aids Digestion - Digestion speed will increase for better health

Skin and Wellness - Using Massage essentials on SKIN will bring fitness to life. So Body massage is lifestyle changer in wellness
Stops Aging - Even at 50 you will look like 35, Reverse aging can be achieved from regular body massage.

Flexibility and Joints Health - Heard of Thai massages, Remove those Joints pain with mobility pressurised massages.

Muscle fiber health - Body massage is good for every muscle fiber, Looks matter under your skin.

Surgery or past pains - After surgery, Body massage helps in betterment of Posture to original.

Improved sleep - Deep sleep quickly making quality of sleep in life. Peace is back with body-massage.

Alert Mind - Just like socretarius brain, Sharp mind alertness guaranteed for body-massage.

Conclusion : Above points are from different internet sources, Incase of pre or post natal Body-massage, Do contact Doctor or physio for better third party call. Book SPA services in Bangalore with Best SPA in 16 locations across city, as visiting a spa can get you unwind from bangalore work stress and traffic life. Body and mind soulfull medicine is spa treatment and body massage.

FAQ's : Best SPA | Male to Female full body Massage TARIFF

Best SPA is chain of spa in Bengaluru, with ambience and facility for guest getting best Body Massage service in Bangalore

Q. What will be the cost of male to female body massage service in Bangalore?

Charges are nominal start from Rs 999 for basic thai massage to Rs 4599 for deep tissue oil massage for male therapist in Bengaluru.

Can I work with Best SPA for male to female massage jobs in Bangalore?

Our oppurtunities are open for free-lancer, Yes based on job availability we will communicate on same.

Q. Is it fine to hire male massage therapist in Bangalore?

Masseurs are best when you opt a male for massage, As hands of experience and muscle pain relieving techniques are in form manner.

Q. What is salary of male to female massage therapist jobs in Bangalore?

Approx upto 25,000 based on therapist flexibility and work timings.

Q. How to locate male to female body massage centres near me, in Bengaluru?

Best spa offers male to female massage services in SPA as well as doorstep for relax and pleasure. So you are just a call away.

Q. Why should female prefer male for body massage?

Hard hands, Every muscle massage and relaxing technique from professional male therapist makes women choose it.

Q. Why is home services prefered for female clients in Body massage?

Female clients prefer to less travel, Also for privacy reasons and safety mind-set of guests, Female massage services are provided in their preferred locations in Bangalore.

Q. Does male therapist work in Spa of Bangalore?

Yes, Our SPA has male therapist. Factors like privacy or time - Home services are provided in Bangalore region only

Q. I am lady looking for body massage services, How do I Proceed?

Get in touch with our team, We will help you find the best therapist based on your budget, time, duration and selection of massages for male to female body massages in Bangalore

Q. What are the benefits of Male-to-female body massages?

Humans minds are normal to love the crossgender massages, moreover male understands female organs well than of same gender, So give a try for relaxing day.

Q. As a female safety factor, I would not like to show my house for massager, How do we Proceed?

Its quite fact, Take in-hotel service to feel the benefits of male to female body massage.

Q. How to choose male-to-female massages based on Price for doorstep?

Pricing starts from Rs 1500 to Rs 4000 based on addons, Prebook 1 day prior for best experience.

Q. Being a female how do I ask for male therapist?

In Bangalore, Its not only you, Its common thing to get massage from male for relaxation and tension reliefs.

Q. Male to female other SPA services offered?

Yes, Hair care and facials with all beauty services are offered apart from Body Massages.

Q: Is Male to Female Body Massage safe?

A: Yes, Male to Female Body Massage is generally considered safe for most people. However, it's important to choose a list of beauty service provided and discuss any health concerns or medical conditions with massage therapist before the session.

Q: What should I wear during a Male to Female Body Massage session?

A: You can wear comfortable clothing or change into a robe provided by the service provider. During the massage, you will be covered with a sheet or towel and only the area being massaged will be exposed.

Q: What is the price of Body Massage in Bengaluru?

A: Body massage starts from Rs 2500 for 60 mins varies based on distance of Home delivery and type of massage opted for said durations.

Q: What is the Cost of Male to Female body Massage in Bangalore?

Pricing starts from Rs 3000 for full body for 45 to 60mins professional swedish massaging. Price increase expected for weekends and upgrading of massaging oils with ingredients. Body scrub and Bath facility is complimentary with service.

Types of Body Massages for Beginners?

Deep Tissue or Swedish massage is prefered for begineers

Best SPA Locations in Bengaluru?

We have 16 locations in Bangalore, call our Help line numbers to locate the nearest of convinient for Body Massage

How to book Male-to-female Body massage session Bangalore Home services?

A: Call or Watsap on our Helpline Numbers 9606922242

Best SPA : Chatting Window

What is the timings for Male-to-female Body massage services?

A: 1 day prior appointment is suggested. Daily operation time from 10am to 7pm only (No 24 hours Service at any cost)

What is Ideal Body-massage duration for Male to female at Doorstep?

Aromatherapy swedish relaxing massage duration is 120mins. Select based on budget and location flexibility

As a women, Can I choose male or Female therapist based on my choice?

A: Yes, Professional Male and Female therapist are available for body massage services.

What are the Massage options for freshers to body-massage?

A: We suggest based on AGE, Medical health, availability, budget.

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